Please write to your MP again!

This may seem boring – but it is vital MPs do not think we have gone away.  They are very used to weathering storms and hoping they will pass – and find it much harder to deal with arguments that just keep coming back – especially if they are hard for them to justify.

So, we now have a new briefing for you to send to your MPs detailing the misinformation being used to justify FITs cuts.

A lot has gone on in Parliament since the announcement – there was the intital statement Ministers were forced to make, the full debate on 23rd November, DECC and Treasury Ministers giving evidence to joint hearings of two Select Committees, as well as the regular monthly DECC questions – all of which have repeatedly forced Ministers to justify their position.

And as they have done so the gaps have appeared.  Ministers have claimed that proposed FITs tariffs are “exactly in line” with Germany.  In fact German solar rates will be up to 121% higher.  They have claimed solar will remain the most highly subsidised form of renewable.  But a 250kW wind turbine would attract a tariff 132% higher.

Please go here to download the full briefing, and send it to your MP with a covering letter demanding he or she takes the issues up with Ministers and ask how they can correct the record.

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