Why solar needs you

Our solar future in the UK is in jeopardy

We are fast approaching an energy crisis, and solar power at all scales is the only decentralised renewable energy technology that can be deployed fast enough to address our clean energy needs. The UK, now at risk of being left behind, needs to be part of the global solar revolution which is happening NOW.

The Government is jeopardising the future of solar in the UK through poor decision making based on questionable understanding of the issues. The series of proposals developed by the government is putting the entire solar industry in the UK under threat.

In the 2010 spending review the government imposed a cap on the feed-in tariff (FIT), and limited the scheme further by capping the budget to a fraction of the level that was agreed by the previous government, designed specifically to kick start a solar revolution. This has pulled the rug from under the industry and created an inevitable boom and bust scenario forecast within approximately 18 months when the remaining funds are now anticipated to run out.

This is not a logical or workable solution for the solar industry.

Solar can deliver from rooftop to solar farm

Larger-scale solar power plants offer a huge opportunity to deliver up to 50 years of clean, low carbon, decentralised, secure, green energy. We believe we need solar power at all scales!

The government attack on what was fast becoming a success story is rapidly destroying investor confidence in the UK as a safe place for low carbon investment. Our prediction on tens of thousands of new green jobs and new UK manufacturing opportunities are now under threat, shaking investor confidence and damaging the industry.

To compound this situation, in reviewing technologies available to meet carbon reduction targets for the UK, the government is failing to recognise solar as the viable, safe and practical option that it so obviously is.   In fact, the government is putting the emphasis on nuclear technology as a cost-effective solution to our energy needs, while suggesting that solar is too expensive an investment and disguising subsidies for the nuclear industry.

It’s not too late

We are calling on Government to introduce reasonable tariff reductions and to resolve the ‘boom and bust’ funding issue created in the spending review.

We want the government to enable everyone to benefit from secure, clean, reliable solar energy projects of all sizes – on our homes, our businesses, our industries and in our communities.  We need your support for everyone to benefit from a solar revolution in the UK!