Our supporters

“I support our solar future because the sun is quite simply the best electricity source we have. Restricting the development of solar power now is the equivalent of stopping the development of the railways in the 1800′s with the tracks all laid and the trains ready to run. It makes no sense to stand in the way of a business opportunity which other countries are seizing with both hands. There are no losers with solar. We must do the right thing for our economy and environment, that means not impetuously cutting the solar feed-in tariff prematurely, (and killing off tens of thousands of solar jobs), but rather looking at the long term financial, social and environmental benefits solar can and will bring - almost uniquely- to our country.  I implore David Cameron to prove that the only green thing about his party isn’t his logo, before the government needlessly, thoughtlessly, arrogantly bangs yet another nail into the coffin of the world.”
Alistair McGowen, Actor and Environmental Speaker


“The earth and the sun’s vast natural energy will easily power our world, but the science shows we must act today”
Professor of Geosciences, Plymouth University, and TV Presenter

“Britain would be crazy to pay for expensive (nuclear) energy we don’t need, rather than the cheaper solar energy that we do.  The Government needs to isten to the Germans or Japanese. Nuclear is dead in the water. Solar and other renewables are the future. ”
Sustainable Energy Advisor, Friends of the Earth

“New technologies like solar have huge potential but could be squeezed out by subsidised nuclear power”
Chief Scientist and Policy Director at Greenpeace UK

“In Germany we plan to deliver more than 20 times the UK 2020 solar target, providing more than 50% of our day-time peak electricity needs, and cheaper than grid electricity from fossil and nuclear power.”
German Politician and Green Party Energy Spokesperson

“One way or the other, most of our future energy will come from the Sun. We need to recognise that fact now and get the solar revolution moving today.”
Environmentalist and Writer

“Solar is being sidelined in the UK by the Coalition Government. There is so much potential to harness the power of the sun to generate clean green energy.”
Green Energy Pioneer and Founder of Ecotricity

“Solar democratises energy – if the government lets the investment flow today, everyone could benefit tomorrow.”
Head of Sustainability and Environment Policy to Brighton & Hove City Council

“The UK government must wake up to the potential of solar.”
Shadow Climate Change and Energy Minister

“Solar can meet a third of the UK’s electricity needs.”
PV Specialist, Solar Trade Association

“Schemes like the Feed-in Tariff make renewable electricity accessible to a wider market. Not only is it a great way for people to reduce their carbon footprint, but it should also make sound financial sense. We need even more people to embrace microgeneration if we are to change the way the UK generates and uses energy. Communities that are taking control of their energy needs deserve our full support. They deserve the government’s support. We need to follow in their footsteps if we are to change our energy future for the better.”


CEO, Good Energy