Certainty on selling at 21p?

There remains confusion over whether or not the 21p rate proposed in the consultation for domestic installations between 12th December and April could change as a result of the ongoing consultation. Fears have been raised about what would happen if an installations was sold with income projections using the 21p figure, only to find the Government reduce the rate still further at the end of the consultation.

The result from Government has been more fudge – heavy hints that this is a minimum, with talk of a “high chance of certainty” that the figure would not go down. Minister Greg Barker even took to twitter to try and clarify matters – but still left them ambiguous.

It has even been suggested that Ministers would have made the date certain, but decided not to as a result of the court case mentioned above being given the go ahead. This is despite the hearing making any legal challenge on predetermination less likely, not more likely.

It is worth telling your MP the further problems this is causing for you – the more MPs realise what a mess has been made of this process the better.

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