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Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear David Cameron and Nick Clegg,

We are frustrated that the Government does not seem to understand solar and its potential for the UK. If you want to be 'the greenest government ever' you should re-think your strategy for solar.

We believe that solar is crucial to a genuinely sustainable and competitive energy system in the UK. The UK simply cannot afford to stifle an exceptionally popular technology that offers the prospect of cost effective green power for everyone.

We are fast approaching an energy crisis and solar power at all scales is an effective decentralised renewable energy technology that can be deployed fast enough to address our clean energy needs. We want everyone to benefit from secure, clean, reliable solar energy projects of all sizes – on our homes, our businesses, our industries and in our communities.

We urge the Government to review the facts and raise our solar ambitions for the UK.

Yours sincerely,


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David Lockie,

Anna Guyer,
Solar is our future


Simon Bottrell,

Toddington Harper,
The costs of Solar Photovoltaic Energy are falling faster than any other generation technology - renewable or otherwise. It's such a versatile and popular technology that will reach Grid Parity in only a few years - let's make the UK at the forefront of the global solar energy revolution!!!

Howard Johns,
Chairman Solar Trade Association

It really is time to start taking solar seriously and investing in growing a serious UK industry.

rob wells,

Sally Guyer,
You claim to be the greenest government this country has ever had. What happens here influences other countries - like Chile where there are plans to justify environmental destruction in Patagonia in the name of hydro electricity when solar power is totally viable in Chile. If countries like Chile see the UK using solar power, there is more chance of it being used there.

David Hampton,
Nuclear is so passee.
Renewables are so clearly (and cleanly) the future.

Robin Dally,


Will John Duckworth,

Robin Brittain,

James Wortley,

Vivienne Sims,

Danielle Sims,

Chris Rowland,
OVESCO is an Industrial & Provident Society which has just raised over £300,000 via a community share issue for a 98kW (544 PV panels) on the roof of the towns brewery called Harveys. A return on investment will be paid via the FiTs to our 220+ community share holders. This will be the largest PV project fully financed by a community share issue in the UK. With the right incentives this project could be repeated at other sites in the UK engaging the public in local decentralize power generation see

Robert Ellis,

John Mustarde,
This technology must be seen for what it is, a revolutionary form of power generation, cheaper, more reliable and longer lasting than anything else.

Please don't kill off the industry whilst it is still fledging!

Nigel Beale,
You know it makes sense.
So just do it, please.



Timothy Mullen,

David Connor,

Chris Ponton,

Georgia Cooksey,

Alice Cambata,

Cathy Newitt,
Think of our childrens futures. Cleaner futures.

Tim Saunders,

Thomas Ellis-Jones,
The benefits are huge and due to continuing technological advances these will become greater still.Do not let this shining light of renewable energy fade .

Jonathan Scurlock, National Farmers Union,
Farmers are ready and willing to contribute to national energy security and job creation in the low-carbon economy. NFU members and their development partners have already begun to invest in solar PV projects from small to large scale on the basis of existing government policy.

Ben Hart,

Mike Jones,

Helen Daniel,

Meraud Ferguson Hand,

Mary Rayner,
Solar power is a relatively easy way for community owned renewable energy enterprises to start generating an income and start the path to more challenging energy generation and saving measures. We need government to show much greater support for this technology.

I feel more than frustrated that the goverment doesnt want to put there support towards a cleaner future.

Richard Holmes,

cathie higginson,
Thankyou for looking after future generations

Laura whitfield,

Alex Fornal,
Be the Greenest Governement Ever and capture the global opportunity that is solar PV. You will be judged in 2-3 years time on that basis.

Jon Walker,
How about actually living up to your pledge to be the Greenest Ever government and Support Solar!

David Owen, Solar Power Portal,
It is time that the government woke up to the fact that we, the public, do not want and from reading this report, do not need, dirty or unsafe forms of energy generation. Make ours a solar future.

Gavin Tester,


Joanna Franks,

Robert Curry,
the greenest government ever, time to put your money where your mouth is and back solar!

Chris Brock,


Let's become world leaders in what has to be the next revolution. Britain has to keep ahead of the game in this fast developing world.

Tom Greeves,
The storage of energy generated by solar is important to cover the time when the Sun is not available, ie. behind clouds or at night. This can be achieved in a variety of ways but must not be overlooked.

Doug Harris,
It's obvious, solar capture and ground-sourced heat are the two best options within a suite of renewables.

Mark Hamilton,

paul woolley,
Oil will run out, price of oil will rise higher, oil companies get richer...all of this is a given, but so is the Sun, its going to out last Oil, Oil companies and us mere Humans, so why let it go to waste. The Sun has been a massive factor on humans. We have worshipped it, given it God status and built Temples for it, so why cant a 21st Century Government harness it to provide power for the people that they serve.

Add some Green colour to your Blue party and you get a bright Sunny Yellow glow to your legacy.



Gareth Hopkins,
We should be investing more in Solar and Wind and making sure that we buy all of the parts from the UK to boost our economy

The difference between UK and German plans for installed capacity in 2020 is remarkable. But what can that tin pot failed industrial nation teach us about how to create jobs and run a sustainable economy?

Nick Pascoe,
Solar PV electricity represents globally a shift of internet revolution proportions in power generation, yet the UK Govt. believes it is some sort of hobby pastime. WAKE UP and allow the UK to grow a significant sector like many other nations are successfully building.

Graeme Hewson,

Dr Gerry Wolff,
A report by Versicherungsforen Leipzig GmbH, a company that specialises in actuarial calculations, shows that if the nuclear industry were to insure fully against the costs of a nuclear disaster, the price of nuclear electricity would rise to 2.36 Euros per kWh, far beyond the cost of any other source of electricity (see ).

“From the U.S. to Japan, it’s illegal to drive a car without sufficient insurance, yet governments around the world choose to run over 440 nuclear power plants with hardly any coverage whatsoever.” Washington Post, 21 April 2011 (in “As Fukushima bill looms, nations weigh dilemma: nuclear plants viable only when uninsured”).

A recent report by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that government subsidies to the nuclear power industry over the past fifty years have been so large in proportion to the value of the energy produced that in some cases it would have cost taxpayers less to simply buy kilowatts on the open market and give them away.

Connie Hedegaard, the EU commissioner for climate change, has stated publicly that offshore wind power is cheaper than nuclear power (see ).

jill gough,
Nuclear is most certainly not the way forward either. To be truly 'Green' you also need to address the fantasy of 'economic growth' - not only oil is finite but all of the resources on our wonderful planet. We need to change our values and think differently if we are serious about making a good future for all the world's children - and grandchildren.

Richard Mills,

Pat Armstrong,
We desperately need all our alternative energy sources in a world of increasing global warming, increasing political instability, and increasing pollution. We need a combination of these sources to avoid being 'held hostage' by someone whose politics we do not like in another country suddenly raising the price of energy way above what we can afford - and a brief study of history has shown us that that is all too possible.

We need to provide our own energy - solar power is a vital part of that self-preservation strategy, and will reduce pollution and global warming. Act now.

Matilda Lee,
Please support community solar!


Terry Richter,
If the Government is so keen to be green, why can’t it fully, or even partially, fund the installation of solar PV panels on all suitable school roofs? It would create maybe 500MW of capacity. It would provide a nationwide boost to the nascent solar energy industry. The schools might be allowed to benefit from the feed-in tariff income. Schools are already in centres of population, so no new power lines would be needed. The visual stimulus would enthuse whole new generations of youngsters about renewable energy sources. And it could start tomorrow. Have I missed something?

Derrick Knight,

Jim Gillespie,
Successive UK governments need to abandon their fixation with nuclear power and wake up to the fact that renewable energy not only makes sense but is the vital next step the world needs to make if we are to achieve affordable, sustainable energy for all.


Said Bijary,

robert woodland,
we should be investing in solar power throughout the uk and create much needed jobs in the green industry.

Richard Hitchcock,

Linda Rogers,

Kate Wood,
Even if you don't care about the environment this is a golden opportunity for the UK to regain the lost ground since closing down our industries. Like Germany we also could be world leaders in clean, safe, cheap energy. We have the brains - all we need is the political will. Thank you kate Wood

Chris Eaton,
Why not actually encourage people by introducing a scheme similar to the scrappage scheme where the govt provide a contribution to the setup costs. Also commision an independent study of what the costs SHOULD be for a P.V. installation, before all the door-to-door pirates bump the prices up like they did when double-glazing first appeared.


Timothy Colbourn,

Jill Perry,
Please don't delay any more, let all sizes of solar flourish.

Norman Pasley,

sioned huws,
Solar is safe, cheap energy for generations to come. Nuclear is dangerous, expensive energy and Britain should follow Germany's lead and close down old nuclear power stations and halt any further development of nuclear power.

Liz Kent,
It is vital that we continue to plan and prepare now for a sustainable green energy future. We should be training people in solar technology, and we should be supporting the manufacturing renaissance in UK that is needed to produce the equipment. We should be installing solar panels where they can provide most benefits - for schools, hospitals, businesses and other places that use energy in the daytime. We have skilled workers that need work, investors looking for green projects to invest in, and factories that could be working for UK Solar Energy. Let's get going now!

Sylvie Smallwood,

Robbie Corcoran,

mark bowden,

Marco Poliafico,

Dr Thomas Lankester,
Plans to scale back support for larger (non-greenfield) installations will hinder community-level involvement and the development of utility scale capacity whilst ignoring the cost effectiveness of larger schemes.

To alleviate the high unemployment levels, could you invest in training for the installation of all green energies, especially solar.

Nicola Shepherd,
This is a travesty, a real retrograde step, we need to follow Ye example of Germany.

Tides and waves can yield reliable harmless power. Why not develop that too?

Bruce J. Mitchell, Mitchellsolar.,
I have designed a solar format that keeps the solar power costs in the community, speak to Ray Noble. I have had extensite conversations with Ray Noble, Tim German Cornwall Council and Mat Hastings at The Eden Project and all the entities have agreed to get my system up and running, signed, Bruce Mitchell ph01189497582.

Beyond Building Solar,

Gabrielle Patrick,

Abigail McKern,
We have to think LONG TERM to survive!


Jonathan Cogzell,

John Blower,
The job dividend to the UK of solar energy is far higher than for fossil fuel or nuclear. Higher short term costs are therefore offset in part by the benefits kept within the UK economy.

Having just installed PV on my house, I fail to understand your reasons for reducing the FiT for larger installations; regulate to limit the city speculators by all means, but don't limit truly motivated groups, farmers and others from helping to move the technology and its application forward.
Too much money went in the past, and is still going, into centralised systems like nuclear; we now have to spend even more on cleaning up the waste. Solar makes little waste (grranted manufactring must take place) so let's see sense and move forward. After all, even the Germans have seen sense, let's not them get to this beach first as well!

Jo Taylor,

Marit Parker,
This needs to be in combination with a Smart Grid (no huge pylons!) and other locally-owned renewable power sources (ie community energy projects, eg Settle Hydro )

JHS Solar Solutions Ltd,


Jos Reuleaux,

Kim Eyckmans,
Solar energy is our future!

Marcel Landman,

Lorraine Haskell,

Let the UK be the leader and an example in Solar Power , lets shut down nuclear power plants.

Manu Jans,

Jan Kwakkel,
Remember: no CO2, no melt downs and no pollution during generation.

René Blickman,


Cyrille Bertrand,

Harold Vogels,

Jonathan Bates,

Suzy Lennox,

Olaf van der Sar,

Do not allow EDF to continue routinely discharging tons of CO2 into the atmosphere from Hinkley Point nuclear site. Close down the AGR reactors immediately. Rule out new nuclear build. Replace it with wind, wave, tidal power and the Severn Barrage.


David Maclean,
We need to transfer some of the public funding away from the overabundance of wind farm investment to both solar and tidal power which have a natural and 100% reliable cycle which can be easily managed within the power distribution network. In addition the solar PV power generation installations are delivering power direct to the consumers which will help to reduce the long term investment requirements for national power distribution networks. A win - win - win situation!

Elen Huws,

Kim Austin,

klaus frietsch,
in full support, a great opportunity is going astray if the UK Gov goes ahead as planned. the market will die in its infancy. it is as bleak as stated by many observers from different sources.


Kathrin Eichhorst,
We need to reorganise our energy system.
Please do it now.

Nigel Dent,
Solar PV is the clean energy low carbon local solution to reducing green house gases.

Nik Hilton,
This is the human species opportunity to solve its energy crisis by directly harnessing the sun in much the same way the rest of Nature works. Look at the computer revolution and what we are capable of achieving!

Lets show the world how to lead with solar power and that we are genuinely worthy of our title 'Great Britain'!


Lee Chambers,

tim lyddon,

Danny Grimson,

Neil M Smith,

Jan Sisson,

Emma Hughes,

Giles Bristow,
Carbon Leapfrog galvanizes professional support around carbon reducing initiatives - for free. Community groups and investors alike require policy certainty if grass-roots projects are to succeed. This is a crucial time for community projects, early successes need to become mainstream if the benefits of behavioural change associated with community renewable energy deployment are to be realised. This sector - at the heart of the BIG SOCIETY - requires enabling policy to help reduce the significant barriers to community energy. Our plea is to keep it simple, effective and long-term.

Ruth Wharton,

A Big Society is only possible with decentralised power generation and solar is currently the only meaningful way to hand power to the people. Invisible hands ignore invisible emissions...

Justin Woolford,

J Ewans,
Invest now, benefit for a 100 years.

Andrew Reeves,

Michael Calderbank,

Paul Slater,

Allister Muir,
The future is solar!

William Jenkins,
Solar power is a vital part of the renewable energy mix. We need government to lead the way and create the conditions for getting ahead. Britain PLC should be researching, making and exporting solar.

Thurstan Crockett,
Local government wants the solar revolution to get going, not stop-start and stop again. Please listen to the industry but also all the other people who want to make it happen right across the UK.


Editha Campbell,

Glyn Thomas,

Dan Broadbent,

Alban Thurston,
I'd be fascinated to study HM Treasury's rationale for including FITs in the Comprehensive Spending Review. FITs never were a tax, and yield funds freely applicable to all public expenditure. Instead they are a focussed, hypothecated levy, of minimal impact (around £10 a year per electricity account by 2030). The £860 million figure 'pot' proclaimed by DECC is an entirely artificial figure, with no basis in honour. It's voodoo arithmetic, such as Chris Huhne's claim on C4 News that 50kWp systems amount to 1,500 homes-worth of electricity. The true number is 20 homes-worth.

Jennifer Tunstall,
At the risk of appearing to be discourteous,please get off your backsides and push solar anergy in the U.K.

David M. Davison,

Matthew Maeer,


James Helliwell,
Leave fits alone for big schemes until the proper review date next April, get a good foundation of a few large solar schemes to bring prices of solar hardware down and offset a lot of CO2 very quickly, it will also trigger employment and investment in associated industries, R&D, construction etc.

ian crosher,

Frans van Schoor,

Tom Harlow,

Shaun Gavigan,

Mary Smith,
This is a sustainable alternative to nuclear energy. We still have no idea how to deal with nuclear waste safely.

Damian Tow,
Please help us launch the UK's largest community-owned solar array in Brighton by allowing communities to have a higher favourable FiT (eg. 300kW) via a 'community test' linked to the organisation's legal structure.

Tony Major,

Will Cottrell, Brighton Energy Co-op,

Wiebina Heesterman,
Our son has 14 Sharp solar panels on his roof. He generated 2517 KwH since 10 june 2011. If every new builkding was provided with integrated solar panels on southfacing roofs, and home owners encouraged to invest in solar panels, this would ease the UK's energy needs considerably, and encourage a home-grown green industry

A M Bowater,
Let common sense prevail!

Liz Shepherd,

Mathew Taylor,


Roisin Robertson,
By propping up the new Nuclear plans your Government is condemning future generations to dirty and death-giving energy. To give people control- with solar - over their energy generation is a positive policy..better for posterity than the approach your Gov't is now taking.

Simon Heaton,


Joseph Jackson,
Just think how much you could save by dumping the nuclear so called deterrent.The time has come to invest in saving the planet and not in things that could destroy it.


Tracey Essery,

Lily Dai,

Tim Smith,


Barry Johnston,
Solar pays back its embodied and operational energy five to ten times over its lifetime. Few other microgeneration technologies get close to this level of success.

Angela Horsley,

Anne Rickard,
Nuclear is a complete NO-NO. It is totally unacceptable to leave future generations to deal with our selfish contamination, so come on, plug into the sun!

anna thorne,

Simon Vickers,
This is one of the easiest ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet and reduce the need for geoengineering. Please support Solar and push as much as you can for renewable and non poluting energy systems, you must realise that what is going on now is not constructive for our civilisation and that things need to really change. Gold isn't everything.

Paul Verbinnen,
Think energy security.

cheryl buxton-sait,

Thomas MacGillivray,
Secure our future energy needs, support SOLAR


Ali Abbas,
Why gamble on dirty, dangerous nuclear when we can have clean, safe solar?

Will Greener,

Alex H,
It is blinkered not to support more solar in the UK. It is viable, deployable and needed. Sort it out!


Sam Wilberforce,
Let us stop exporting carbon-intensive manufacturing to China and start making real cuts in our carbon useage

Ali Edgley,

Natalie McCallum,
Ramping up solar in the UK will create many much-needed new jobs and boost the economy, will help us reach our EU carbon reduction targets and most importantly, will form part of the energy solution for our children and future generations without exploiting dwindling natural resources. Immediate action is needed based on the benefits of a long-term strategy. Short-term quick fixes are not the way forwards and will not appease the public whose understanding and support for these issues is growing daily.

Victor Snook,

Robert Irving,

Susan Moore,

Only solar energy on a commercial scale can make a quick and meaningful difference to renewable energy generation in this sector. It has much less visual impact than wind energy and should be easier to achieve through the planning process than windfarms which attract so much local opposition. Withdrawal of the FIT for comercial sites has thrown this new industry into disarray and stifled private investment in this sector.


Ian Gardner,

Richard Waddell,
The 'Key Findings' outlined on the Ecologist website are a startling indication of why the green energy industry should be driven by central government. At the Birmingham City Council 'Growing Green' Exhibition 2011, Prof. Carl Chinn outlined the economic and social opportunities provided by green energy production and central government should make this a priority to ensure the UK lead the world in sustainable energy production.

Chris meacock,

Peter Grech,

Matt Stavrou,

Rachel Butler,

Julie Gibbons,

Jamie Johnson,

Sue Everett,
While I do not agree with rural solar farms on greenfield sites (and believe it was right for the government to stop supporting these), it is cost effective to support large scale installations for schools, business parks and maybe as 'solar tunnels' along roads and railways (Belgium has just started producing energy from solar panels over several km of railway track - used to power the railway). Please think out of the box and see the potential for both renewable energy and supporting green construction and jobs.

Richard Williams,
It is locally focused micro-generation solutions that will deliver a sustainable future as well as many jobs and economic benefits. The other emphasis needs to be on reducing demand through better insulation, building/product design and encouraging behavioural change.

Kathleen Archibald,

Anna Robertson,


Richard Pagett,
It is essential to our future energy security that this shortsighted approach announced today is reversed

jeremy melhuish,
Please David this technology is vital for our economic future as well as our children's environmental future

Will South,

Brian Leslie,

Philippa Mitchell,

Chris Mack,

Simon Wragg,
I have spent the last two years learning this industry, its benefits and it pitfalls, the only barrier holding it back in the UK is Government policy and the lack of true facts available to the public for both the additional costs and risks of other technologies (such as nuclear in terms of decommissioning and storage of harmful waste) verses the benefits of solar 9and other renewable technology). Its seems that the government would rather back the big boys than support change for the good.

reuben wilkinson,
what's wrong with this goverment? a solution is sitting there to solve our energy problem, meet our CO2 commitments, and create a new industry and many thousands of jobs. The Germans can see that, and are creating a global industry on the back of it. Whats wrong with you? commit this country to a future and stop being so pathetic, gutless and non commital. you are a disgrace to the unemployed, anyone who can see the vital need for a stable future climate, and anyone business who have already risked investing in solar. You are in power to represent the people of the UK, not your donors.

Wayne More,
Why do successive governments in this country refuse to take meaningful action to combat the ever increasing problem of climate change.

Ronnie Persad,
I would like the government to embrace the solar electronics industry and smart grid integration for enhancing cleantech solar solutions with UK branding.

Full capital and revenue cost approaches to energy costings in the UK would help everyone see the full range of options now open to moving towards a sustainable future.

Barbara Smith,
There is very little support coming from the Government at any level bar the Feed In Tariff. But if the general public is unaware they exist solar will not be in demand.

Rob Holloway,
Prof Daniel Nocera believes it's the way to go!

Claire Spencer,
The government's concerns ought to be related to how you promote domestic and community microgeneration, not how you cap a burgeoning market. We can't wait for oil to be priced out of reach before we figure out how to live by using less of it.

Mark Roberts,
Please do not destroy this industry before it has even gathered pace. I have put everything on the line to start my solar business which is now creating jobs for others and raising awareness in our community about the importance of been green

Laura Freeman,

Rea Cris,
Stop thinking profit and start thinking resilience.

Simon Judd,
Stop trying to pretend that nuclear and incineration are renewable and start backing real renewable energy.

June Birch,
Solar can provide 30% of our energy needs by 2020. Ordinary people love the idea, you can use it on roofs of community buildings. It won't produce another Fukushima. You can't guarantee that with nuclear energy, which you are giving a windfall to.

malcolm buteux,

Jessica Bevers,

Tony Stone,
We owe it to the next generation to get on this.we are already 10 years behind germany.we should be ashamed of ourselves!!


gareth george,


Nick Christoforou,

Marion Balke,

Solar is one of the ways people can resonsibilty for their own consumption and to bring money into a community

Paul Stallard,


Sue Lister,
Nuclear power is costly and dangerous and its waste poisons future generations. Common sense dictates we use safe renewable green energy instead.

Tom Tranter,

Germana Canzi,
We need the energy security and the job creation that solar can bring to this country. Forget your nuclear dream - other countries are getting rid of it, including engineering powerhouse Germany but also many others who never had it and manage to keep the lights on perfectly well. Focus on what people really want and need in order to transform their homes and communities.

Jennifer Wrenn,
Solar energy is safe and proven technology. It requires investment to bring it to the next level of production. Nuclear energy using uranium is a by-product of the arms industry and totally unsafe for meeting the needs of our energy supply in the future.

Today we can no longer buy green tea from Japan - contaminated by uranium radiation - please ditch hazardous uranium and invest in a safe solar future.

Other European countries like Germany are leading the way - investing in safe solar and other renewable energy sources - don't let UK be left behind.

Elena Guidorzi,




Paul van der Linden,

David Sully,
Solar energy could not encapsulate the essence of the 'big society' more by empowering people to take an active part in a low carbon future. Please do not shy away from this opportunity Solar energy works!


Please give some certainty into planning for 2012 - 2013

Solar is clean and there is a lot of it! Quite simple.

Richard Kelley,
The U.K.'s indigenous fossil fuel resources are becoming depleted and costly to extract.
Overseas sources are increasingly expensive and unreliable.
Greenhouse gas emissions are rising.
We need to create jobs for all kinds of people.
Let's do something positive. Please help Solar to flourish at all scales, from parking meters to fields.


Philip Taylor,
I realise, as Prime Minister, you have a difficult path to tread between business,
which wants perpetual growth, and the rest of us, who need static or reduced consumption to ensure a habitable environment. As a small island state, Britain
needs leadership from representatives of us all, not only from those that have
your ear. Assuming you are not compromised by conflicts of interest, please
make the right and brave decisions now!

deborah kelly,
The govt should do all its can to support alternative energy for homewoners and business.

Mike Middleton,

Geoff Naylor,
Don't hide our light under a bushel!

John Thomason,
We need PV rather than nuclear. We may not have tsunamis and earthquakes, but what about a war. If they bomb pv panels that's tough. If they knock over our wind turbines, we will have to put them up again. If they bomb our nuclear power stations they will destroy us all. Solar is safe, lets go for it.

Bryan Bond,
I remember the conversion to North sea gas in the 60's. It created jobs and manufacturing oportunities at that time. Solar would create similar growth in UK industries whilst producing huge savings. The roof space is available throughout Britain and the sun will not run out. Mr Cameron the train is leaving let us be on it?

Solar PV Tech, Devon,



Mark Straver,

Jodie Allen,

Bryn Davies,

Even my 10 year old son knows solar power=common sense. This is our's and our children's future world that is getting wrecked beyond redemption. 'Let them eat cake' won't work!

Wicki Nielsen,
Free renewable energy for millions of years to come. Why would anyone use fossil fuel that harms our Earth??

Heather Golden,

Mr A Bateman,

Manjul Rathee,

Graham Lingley,

Amanda Barry-Hirst,
The sun is our very own nuclear reactor, except without all the worrying bits - let's use it.

Karen Varga Green Party,
All energy production has costs to the planet and people, but solar is one of the better ones. Reduction in consumption is a very important part of a strategy - but at the moment we don't seem to have one! To give our children and grandchildren a future with some of the comforts we currently enjoy we must make changes - and making solar available to many, especially those on low incomes and in danger of suffering fuel poverty is important for many people in this country (and around the world).

Rowena Corner,

Jeff Mountford,

Mr Steve Aylott,

Jonathan Roby,
Remember what you promised 'the greenest government ever'


Helen Munro,

Fiona Shukie,
Solar and wind power are the only renewable, clean and sustainable options. Solar now means we can provide a future for our children.

Jamie Hossack,
We all should be a lot more responsible for conserving our environment. You were elected by the people to act on behalf of the people, it's about time you start to listen to us. WE DONT WANT 2 MORE NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS IN THE UK Courtesy of EDFrench thank you. A Clean Green Uk Energy Creating Machine Is What We'd Like Thank You.

George Rushton,
The government should be encouraging as many households as possible to generate Solar energy now.

The money allocated for nuclear energy, with its appalling safety record, terrrorist risk and long build time, would be better spent on clean, immediate sources of energy such as solar energy, heat pumps and sustainable biofuels

Paul Simms,

John Banks,
Having recently just completed a report on solar panels/solar energy i can see the great benefits. So much so, that i have made my own website to spread the word on this renewable energy source. The SUN will be our saviour if its supported......

Helen Miller,

Gary Miller,


Rafael Diranzo,
Stop the carbon and nuclear power and promote renewables

David Pointer,


Rosie Much,
Please reconsider your position on solar. I have spent a great deal of time in New Mexico where solar energy is standard. You will know we don't need large quantities of sunshine to make solar effective. Please reconsider our solar ambitions.

Rob Garvey,
Solar works for me and my family; hot water most of the year and significantly lower gas bills. One of the smartest decisions I've made.

Rachael Hunter,

John Morgan,
The earth gets it's natural energy from the sun. With a little ingenuity and commitment we can add the very little extra energy the human race needs to survive and flourish. It is ironic that we think of China as becoming a very industrialised country and are fearful of the pollution this is causing, however, according to latest figures China invests more money in solar energy than any other country in the world and is set to be one of the Greenest countries in the future.


Ian Reynolds MIET,
A worthy cause, I agree, but as can be seen from the comments, the public at large appear to be ill informed of all the issues. Solar PV generation, as it is currently being rolled out, is far from a magic bullet. No storage, therefore no ability to provide energy in the times of peak domestic demand - early morning and evenings, most especially in winter times. A mix of solar technology, with far greater emphasis on storage and hydrogen generation, for example, would be the best course in my opinion. And don't forget the term 'Efficiency', she's miss Renewable's ugly sister, so much to do. Give us engineers a chance and we'll fix it. We're the only ones who can!

You have the opportunity to demonstrate what being green really means and make it the most advantageous way for people to use energy- it's all up to you!

Paul Hughes,

Mark Simpson,

Laurie Walmsley,

James Grugeon,

Claire Lund,

Do David Cameron & Nick Clegg use solar energy

Nurul Islam,

Rachel Cakebread,

David Houston,
As owner of a nationwide solar pv installation company (PV FIT Ltd I urge you to recognise that the growth potential within the solar energy sector is huge. Solar energy is simple to retrofit, can be rolled out rapidly and costs are dropping significantly from levels prior to the introduction of the feed in tariff system. Help us create more UK green collar jobs by committing to solar as part of the green energy mix.

Kathy McVeigh,

steve parker,
As the "greenest" government ever you must keep promoting this freely available source of energy with decent feed in tarrifs as its got to be better than nuclear. Look at Germany's energy policy!!


immerse small consumers and installers in liquid oxygen, liquid will not let them live and oxygen will not let them die.
FIT for small consumers: only if they can afford it,
No support to small installers and suppliers: eventually survival of the fittest, closest I say

Peter Ball,


Anna Leidreiter,
On behalf of the World Future Council


Melanie Biddle,
I am joining the lobby in support & drive to make Solar PV more accessible and deliverable in the UK domestic and commercial markets

Michal Mroczkiewicz,
2010: Over 1 million sq. m of flat plate thermal installations in Germany against 75.600 sq. m in UK! We need to catch up and quick!

The UK is no longer self sufficient in oil and gas, and is therefore likely to be significantly dependent on imported fossil fuels from increasingly powerful countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia for many years. As opening sequence of “Have I Got News For You” suggests (with Russian turning off the gas supply pipeline), it's definitely not a future proof concept! A key way to ensure energy security and maintain high standards of living is therefore microgeneration. Solar makes sense!

Steve Cronin,

Ben stentiford,
Fantastic source of clean energy

Val Perry,

Everyone should have a say on our solar future.

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